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Mar 31, 2013

Will LiLash Eyelash Serum Work For You?


Short, lifeless lashes and expensive extensions are the bane of many women’s lives but could a simple eyelash serum called LiLash really be the answer to the problem? You are probably reading this because you have already heard about this seemingly incredible serum but have been let down by other “miracle products”. This comprehensive and honest LiLash review aims to help you understand this interesting product in more detail by exposing the potential benefits and issues and asking the questions that really matter.

LiLash Review

What is LiLash and why is it the “world’s most popular purified eyelash serum”?

LiLash is a product from Cosmetic Alchemy that claims to be able to add length to your lashes and improve their condition through a effective serum. The statements about its popularity are impossible to miss and, while it is difficult to prove this claim to fame and there is little media coverage, there does seem to be a surge in awareness thanks to word of mouth and amateur bloggers and it was awarded as Elle’s Innovative product of the year in their beauty category in 2012.

What are the benefits and results of this “clinically tested” eyelash serum

The LiLash website boasts a number of different benefits with this serum and these include the speedy results, user-friendly application and advantageous formula. You are advised to use it for eight to ten weeks, although the have been significant results around 4-6, and the high concentration of the solution means that only a small amount is required per use and the tube should last for months. All you need to do is apply a line above your upper lashes, leave it to dry and repeat daily. All across the website there is talk of tests and a “combination of science and technology” but there is no proof. Usually manufacturers like to publish their results and stats but there is no sign of scientific test results anywhere. With this lack of validation we need to turn to actual users for the results.


What do real buyers have to say about LiLash?

Despite this “international recognition” and high demand, there are no testimonials listed on the product’s own website from professional beauticians or satisfied consumers. Is this a sign of a classy, understated product or one with something to hide? For real-life customer reviews you need to look elsewhere. A quick Google search brings up worrying terms like “scam” and “mixed reviews” but, thankfully, many user comments are full of praise for the product. The majority of women claim that it really does lengthen lashes with quick, noticeable results and an easy application. The final look is not overly dramatic and they achieve a new length that matches their previous extensions while seeming natural; however, there are some comments that there is little change in the thickness of the lashes and there are some unwanted side-effects.

What are these side effects that you should be aware of and are there any other risks or concerns?

The most frequently mentioned negative consequence with LiLash is the fact that continual application can cause some discoloration on the eyelid, an effect which fades with time. A more alarming reaction is hair growth around the eyes and cheekbones. This may occur through misapplication, for instance if you go against the instructions not to use it on your lower lid, but it is relatively rare As you can see, it always pays to read the label and this is also clear with the ingredients because, contrary to what the label might say, Lilash has been found to contain traces of a drug called trinorprosta. The final area of concern regards the number of dangerous counterfeit, products available and this leads us out next area of discussion.


Where should you buy LiLash and what benefits can this method offer?

Because of the high numbers of counterfeit products, it is always advisable to go to trusted merchants like If you purchase your box of LiLash in this way you can enjoy a number of privileges such as fast, worldwide shipping with your own tracker number, a secure payment site that estimates your delivery time,  and a 90 day money-back guarantee.

Summary: is LiLash the right product for your lashes?

There are many reasons why you should consider this serum; it can give great results and, although it is pricey, you could save money otherwise spent on extensions and other products. Having said this, there are also risks, some of which may be a little alarming.

The bottom line is that many satisfied customers have experienced longer, more attractive lashes and, if you apply the product properly and have patience, you could too. The worst case scenario is that you experience little growth and some irritation but you can always return it and enjoy the benefits of the money-back guarantee. Essentially, there is very little to lose in trying this product now you know exactly what it can do.



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