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Apr 2, 2013

5 Tips On How To Get Longer Eyelashes

how to get longer eyelashes

There are many reasons why women want to achieve longer lashes; some women want a dramatic statement for a night out while others want to permanently transform lashes that are either genetically short or have faded with age. Whatever your reason, the most attractive solutions are ones that are accessible and give good results and this is where this guide can help.

This list of five tips on how to get longer eyelashes is designed to show you that you do not have to worry about extreme measures like unpredictable eyelash transplants because there are many, varied options available.

#1 – Take a second look at false eyelashes

Some people reading this guide will be a little surprised that false eyelashes are on this list but these products have come a long way in recent years and could provide a great effect if you are looking for a temporary, traffic-stopping transformation. The popularity of these products has soared as famous faces show us exactly what can be done with faux lashes and the range varies from simple, glue-on pairs to more expensive extensions that can be applied by professional at a salon.

#2 – Rethink your make-up choices and styles

If the idea of attaching fake lashes to your own is unappealing then perhaps it would be better to try some different make-up. Mascara is the first item that women reach for and these products have also gotten more advanced with time and are able to make lashes look a lot longer. The best mascaras to try are those that have an additional eyelash primer that enhances the length before the colour is applied and also helps condition the hairs. In addition to mascara, you could also try using black eyeliner at the base of the lashes to form an illusion of length and an eyelash comb to help separate and enhance the individual hairs.

#3 – Add a set of eyelash curling tongs to your make-up bag

This next tip is one that is very simple but could be easily overlooked. A simple curling tong – when used correctly – can help open up the eye by curling the lashes upwards and giving them the false appearance of being longer. The problem with this method is that if it is carried out in a rush or with a heavy hand, it could end up doing more damage as hairs are broken and lost. If you are confident with using a curling tong, some women advise using some careful heat to help enhance the curl and final look. On this note, some mascara wands are also heated for the same effect.

#4 – Try a natural conditioner on your lashes

Up until this point, each of these tips on how to get longer eyelashes have talked about tricks to give the illusion of longer lashes and artificially achieve the dramatic look you desire. This next point is different because this is a method that can improve the length of lashes by actually helping them grow. Natural conditioners are a simple addition to any night-time cleansing routine; just take your preferred lotion or oil – many people swear by castor oil and Vitamin E lotion – apply it to your lashes before bed and wash it off in the morning. Overnight the vitamins and nutrients will soak into your lashes and replenish what has been lost. With time, this routine should lead to healthier and longer lashes.

#5 – Treat your lashes to a rich, nourishing eyelash serum

The final tip for getting longer lashes is to invest in a bottle of eyelash serum. These serums can be expensive but as long as you are careful with your choice and pick a safe, reputable brand then it can be worth the price-tag. As with the natural conditioners, you are able to experience an actual increase in length through growth but this method is much more convenient than applying oil and they can often produce great results within 4-6 weeks.

There are many serums around and one that is worth looking into is the LiLash eyelash serum from Cosmetic Alchemy. This product has received glowing reviews for it simple application and fast results. All it takes is a simple line of liquid onto your upper lash line once a day and you could potentially experience growth within a month. Additionally, many women have suggested that it gives them a much more natural look than they ever achieved with make-up and false lashes.


So, as you can see from these five tips on how to get longer eyelashes, there are many ways to enhance your lashes and improve their length – both artificially and with actual growth. For some people the idea of a nightly conditioner or specialized serum may seem like too much hassle when they can achieve the temporary look they desire with make-up and high-quality false lashes; however, if you are looking for a more permanent solution then these user-friendly growth methods are far more appealing than expensive extensions and transplants. No matter what you are looking for from a eyelash-enhancing solution, there is a method for everyone.

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